Information on 2020 SWE National Conference

Unlike other years, the SWE National conference will be totally virtual. We will be sending out commitment forms to all members and those who wish to attend we will try our best to fund everyone who wants to go. We will be paying for attendees SWE membership as well as their conference registration so it will be 100% free to students to attend.

Additionally, during the conference dates, we will be having “viewing sessions” where we all either watch a session together outside or in small groups inside or we will have several attendees sign up to watch a session and then we will host a discussion section after the fact to talk about the session.

We will also be hosting events after the conference to talk about take-aways that we all had and make sure that we’re all still engaging.

National Conference Panel Recording

If you were unable to make it to the National Conference Panel, you're in luck! The panel was recorded and can be watched here. During this event, current SWE Members discussed their experiences at National Conference and answered questions about this year's National Conference.

National Conference Registration Sessions

National Conference registrations sessions are when you officially sign up for the conference by registering on the WE20 website. To register, you need to have filled out the National Conference Committal Form above. Registration includes paying $95 ($20 for SWE membership, $75 for conference participation). You will be reimbursed for the $95 within the next few weeks by check. If you are unable to pay the $95 directly and get reimbursed later, please email Khin Wai Han and Caitlind Walker. We will have you work with Jennifer Wisdom in EUSS to pay the $95 directly from the SWE account.